Finding a Sales Job in Puerto Vallarta

Finding a sales job can be a fairly daunting task for a foreigner to Puerto Vallarta, not just because of the language barrier, but because of the perceived cultural differences and the anxiety caused by the prospect of uprooting oneself to a new location. Job hunting is generally stressful, especially if you don’t have money set to the side. If you do, however, then you’ll find that Puerto Vallarta is a really pleasant place to search for your dream job.

Finding a Sales Job in Puerto Vallarta

Despite the natural anxiety and hesitance than can come along with any new venture, sales jobs in Puerto Vallarta are quite plentiful (especially during the tourist high season) although you might find that the wages are lower than you might want in some cases. With this said, however, the worst time to look for a job in Puerto Vallarta is September when the tourist trade quietens down. The job markets livens up again within a month or two, though, so don’t worry too much!

Sales Job in Puerto Vallarta with The Villa Group

One of the really great benefits of joining the Villa Group sales team in Puerto Vallarta is that it provides a great level of job security. There is a consistent level of work for everyone in the company throughout the year and you’ll find that you can make as much money as you have the inspiration and flair to do so. So long as you are committed, driven and responsible, there is every reason to expect great commissions. In fact, the potential for increased earning is what attracts most people to sales jobs with The Villa Group in Puerto Vallarta.


Remember that finding yourself the ideal job in Puerto Vallarta is more about knowing yourself and what you have to offer to prospective employers. Take some time to really consider what it is you are good at, and what you enjoy doing to make sure that you can offer your employer what they need, and get what you want, too! There are generally jobs to suit all people; The Villa Group is a huge company that is continually expanding. Joining our team is only the very beginning; there is no limit to your potential progress.

— March 2, 2015

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