Finding a Job in and around Loreto, Mexico

Loreto is an idyllic little town in Baja California, Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez, known for its Jesuit Mission, quaint cobblestone streets, and the Islands of Loreto. Finding a job in and around Loreto is no easy task for foreigners, considering that the town is pretty small and traditional with a limited variety of employment opportunities. However, that is what makes working for the Villa Group at the Islands of Loreto all the more appealing.

Finding a Job in and around Loreto, Mexico

Finding a job in and around Loreto is relatively easy at Villa Group’s Villa del Palmar Loreto if you have the drive to make a move to Mexico and the qualities needed to make an excellent sales representative. Villa Group is frequently recruiting inspired, goal-oriented people to its sales team at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. Do you have what it takes to be the face of the best value timeshare sales office in and around Loreto?

Villa Group sales positions provide the best job opportunities in and around Loreto, offering you the chance to earn a decent wage, especially when compared to the cost of living in Loreto. At Villa Group, there is no limit on the commissions you can make for selling timeshare at one of the most luxurious hotels in the area. After just one day on the Islands of Loreto, you will see just how easy it could be to sell such an amazing vacation opportunity in Mexico.

The lifestyle you will enjoy when you find a job in Loreto is one of idyllic relaxation and sublime quality of life. Not for the party-minded, Loreto is a prime location for those looking to find a job in a quiet and peaceful location, where your children can play outdoors and you will never be stuck in traffic (unless someone lets their cows roam by mistake!). Golf lovers, nature enthusiasts and diving fans should apply for this job of a lifetime.

— March 24, 2015

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